Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unreal Estate

Curbed SF is highlighting a couple of cheap apartments on the southern edge of the Academy District, a pair of studios, one at $1,500 a month and another at $1,325 a month.  That would have netted you a one bedroom up on Nob Hill when I moved here in 1995.  With real estate prices out of control in the city, how much longer will students even be able to afford to attend college inside city limits?  Folks with good-paying full-time jobs are being priced out of this market.

Shooting a little more traffic Curbed's way, they also have an article about the spendy boutique condo building going up at Van Ness & Washington (forget about these million dollar pads lowering rents in the area), as well as the California Pacific Medical Center Cathedral Hill development out past the western edge of the Academy District going before the Planning Commission.  This is the old Cathedral Hill Hotel they purchased and plan to demolish to make way for a new hospital on Van Ness, across from Mel's and Tommy's Joint.

If you think rents are insane now, wait 'till a high-end hospital drops onto the edge of the 'hood...

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